Date: April 27th.  The Show Times are designated below and are specific to program or class type.

10:15am Show - All-AroundGym Jets, Girls Gymnastics, Rocket Power, Fast Track, and Pre-Competitive Level 3 Team 

Participants in this portion of the show will participate in the march-in ceremony of the show, watch the special group performances by our competitive team and coaches, and then perform individual routines on each apparatus: vault, bars, beam and floor. Participants will be expected to arrive by 9:00am for general warm-ups and event warm-ups.  Once the show begins, we expect that it will last a little less than 2 hours, all things included: Opening Ceremony (march-in and special group performances), all around performances, and awards ceremony.  Participants will not have any extra rehearsal times since they will be performing individual routines and will be able to work on those during their class times. They will receive a print out of the routines to assist in memorization.

Registration cost is $68.00, it includes 2 admissions tickets and a free leotard.  

Registration deadline is Saturday, March 9th.  

1:00 PM Show - Group PerformancesFlying Pals, Little Gliders, Fearless Flyers, Baby Ninjas, Lil' Ninjas, and All Tumblers.

Group Performance Participants will perform a group routine on the floor exercise, specially choreographed to music that goes with our show theme.  We expect the show to last approximately 45 minutes. 

Registration cost is $68.00, it includes 2 admissions tickets and a free leotard for girls, and t-shirt and shorts for Ninjas and boys. 

Registration deadline is March 9th.  Participants will have one special rehearsal practice scheduled during the week prior to the recital.

Competitive Team:Both the 10:15 and 1:15 Shows

Doing group performances only.

Registration cost: $48.00, includes 2 admissions tickets and a free leotard.

Registration deadline: Saturday, March 9th.

Ninja-sourus Games - 3:30 PM

Ninjas ages 5 to 13 will get to compete in mock Ninja Games!  Ninjas will maneuver through obstacles such as barriers, tunnels, bars, the foam pit, and more.  Core strength and agility will be tested in addition to speed. Courses will differ with competitive setting.  Competitors will complete the course for time and execution.  They will also perform combinations skills.  Value is placed on speed, strength, and execution of the skills.

Registration cost is $68.00, it includes 2 admissions tickets and a free t-shirt and shorts. 

Registration deadline is March 9th

Additional tickets : $6.00 adults and $4.00 children 4 to 14

*Pre-Competitive Lev. 3 Team members are expected to participate in the All Around (10:15am show - warmups at 9:00). Competitive J.O. Team members are expected to participate in the Group Performances at the 10:15am and 1:15pm shows. 


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