Tumble and Twirl Ages 3-4   
This is class will introduce your child to dance and gymnastic movement. The students will experience 25 minutes of dance and creative movement and 20 minutes of tumble time on the mats and wedges. Children will learn musicality and be exposed to different kinds of rhythms and creative play.  Tumble time will consist of learning rolls, jumping, bending, and basic gymnastic movements.  Attire: Leotards for girls, shorts and T-shirts for boys. Class length- 45 minutes 
Class limit – 6

Dance for Gymnastics Ages 6+ 
This class continues from Tumble and Twirl, giving students the opportunity to learn more tumbling and dance skills. Rolls, cartwheels and handstands are emphasized. Jazz technique, including grapevine, kicks and musicality will be explored. Students will start learning tumbling and dance combos. Attire: Leotards for girls, shorts and T-shirts for boys.
Class length- 50 minutes.
Class limit – 8



Planned closings for 2017-18 School year:

 September 4th-Labor Day

November 22nd to 26th-Thanksgiving Break

December 24th to January 5th- Christmas Break

March 30th to April 5th- Spring Break

May 28th- Memorial Day

July 3rd and 4th- Independence Day

-Family Discount: 20% off each additional child from same immediate family.
-Multiple class discount: 20% off 2nd and 3rd classes a week.
-Annual Membership fee: $25.00 1st child, $15.00 2nd child and $10.00 3rd child.

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